Dear Dimension Online Community,

our Server inspection is finished. The following changes where made:

- Arrow drop rate increased
- Arrow Stack increased to 1.000
- New Start Items: Arrows for Bows, More Stacks HP / MP, Speed Scrolls (If you want to get them on already existing chars you can create a char on the same account and transfer them to the storage)
- Removed some useless Items in the Item Mall
- Increased Quest rate x3 - Quest will give you now a lot more rewards, also more Gold!
- Mobs are now respawning 2 times faster, means more mobs ingame!
- Increased Elixir drop rate x2
- Increased Elixiers are stackable to 50 now
- Fixed slots 1-4
- HP / MP Potion droprate has been increased

If you want to join use this link to download the game:

We hope you like these changes. :)

Thank you

Dear Dimension Online Community,

we'd like to welcome you on our website. You will be part of something awesome, part of our community, part of an awesome long lasting project.

Thank you for joining us and have a lots of fun on Dimension! If you found any bugs, if you have questions or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.

- The Dimension Online Team


Official Standard Time

Server is online
  • CAP: 80
  • Race: Chinese Only.
  • Mastery: 240
  • EXP: 5x
  • Party Exp: 5.5x
  • Gold: 1x
  • Quest: 3x
  • Drop: 3x
  • Alchemy Rate: 1x
  • Client Limit: 3
  • Guild Limit: 32
  • Union Limit: 2
Top 10
# Char Lv.
1. Caroline 80
2. Paluch 78
3. Malphite 77
4. Alea 76
5. Wizy 75
6. Elana 74
7. ManiA 74
8. Flake 74
9. NoxAeterna 72
10. OneUnit3d 71


No guild introducion set by the Fortress owner